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The Novel Concept Of Herbal Tea Tablets: Great Opportunity For Contract Manufacturing With Isha Agro Developers, Manufacturing ayurvedic medicine for cough and cold.

Isha Agro Developers has come up with unique concept o “Herbal Tea Tablets”. Kofhills Tea Tablets are one of the effective Ayurvedic Medicines For cough & cold. Now get a chance to sign a deal with Isha Agro Developers and grab the opportunity of successful and influential “Third Party Private Labeling”.

Know the insights of Unique Herbal Tea Tablets for Cough and Cold and then sell them “Under Your Own Brand Name” to gain a renowned name in the market.

The main USP of these herbal tea tablets is its ingredients and the way they melt to prepare instant herbal tea. If you sold these tea tablets under your brand name, then you have a great opportunity to convince people to buy them, using their high herbal content and novel concept. Grab the Opportunity of Contract Manufacturing of Novel Herbal Tea Tablets to Become a Renowned and Well-Known Seller in the Market!

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