Herbal Bio-Enhancer For All Health Issue

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At Herbal Hills, all formulations are specially processed with active bioenhancers like Ghee, Pippali, Triphala, Aloevera, Guduchi etc. Bioenhancers are additive to Herbal Formulation which improves the bio-availability and bio-efficacy of a drug without itself acting as a drug. Normally metals, ashes, horns, bones etc. are used as Bio-enhancers, but Herbal Hills Pure Herbal Ayurvedic Formulation are prepared by making use of only leaves, flowers, fruits, roots etc. of herbs. Formulation with Medicated Cow Ghee as bioenhancer are unique products from Herbal Hills. This is unique concept because Herbal Hills is the only Company in the world who has their own Cow Farm, where they get Pure & Natural Ghee which is used in the farm. To know more about us Visit at herbalhills To Visit our Online Ayurvedic Store


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