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A healthy detoxification formula supports healthy weight management, digestion, improves energy level, promotes skincare, deals with inflammation, uplift brain functioning, enhances immune health, etc.

With an immense research team, Isha Agro Developers come up with Detox support syrup. However, this unique concept directly encounters the bloodstream and bypasses the digestive tract to offer maximum benefits.

To find the convenient way of consuming detoxification medicine, this leading Ayurvedic product manufacturer has developed the “Ayurvedic Palatable Tablets for Detoxification”. Both these Ayurvedic Formula’s are Available for Third Party Contract Manufacturing.

Choose “Your Own Formula” or sell this formula “Under Your Own Brand Name”. Don’t’ Miss the Profitable and Unbelievable Contract Manufacturing Opportunity!

Sign a Business Deal with Isha Agro Developers Now & There is No Turning Back for any Disappointment!

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