Try Ayurvedic Remedies for Digestive Dilemma

Try Ayurvedic Remedies for Digestive Dilemma

Avipattikar herb

In this engaged schedule, demanding lifestyle changes, brain storming work pressure and hectic household chaos, we tend to grab on easily available junk food, which in turn affect our daily metabolism cycle. Are you suffering from constant stomach pain? Not able to digest heavy food? Having trouble in concentrating in work, owing to the gastric changes in the gut? Then there may be a possibility that your digestive health is not proper.

Every person of today’s developing generation should understand the fact that maintaining digestive health is very important for keeping healthy well-being as the major part of body’s immune system lies in the digestive system. The main and vital role of digestive track is to break down the food in the form that can be absorbed by the blood stream and carried to the cells to provide energy and nourishment to the body.

Improving your digestive health is the most crucial step in supporting healthy lifestyle. However, when it comes to digestive health, people tend to consume harmful medicines that exert various side effects on the body. Whereas, choosing herbal supplement is suggested to be a great option in maintaining healthy gut flow. The herbal supplement called Avipattikar Churna is known to showcase great impact on the digestive health.

  • Avipattikar churna is a herbal blend of Triphala, Trikatu, Trvrit (Nishottar).
  • This herbal supplement is very useful in maintaining a healthy digestive system as it stimulates digestion and healthy metabolism.
  • It regulates the levels of acidity during the digestive process and thus soothes the stomach tissues.
  • Have a capacity can reduce the formation of gas and discomfort to help promote healthy lifestyle.
  • Avipattikar churna is very effective in relieving constipation and helps to eliminate toxins from the gut to support digestive health.
  • Beneficial in the piles treatment and provide relief in daily bowel movement .
  • Secretion of digestive enzymes is increased by the consumption of Avipattikar Churna, which in turn helps in the proper absorption of essential nutrients from food.
  • Helps improve appetite and reduces burning sensation in the throat.
  • May used in the treatment of chronic gastritis.
  • Helps remove excess heat from GI tract.
  • Heals digestive membranes damaged due to hyper-acidity


Apart from these beneficial effects of Avipattikar Churna, there are other natural remedies to support healthy digestion.

  • Eating Habits: Digestive problems starts from the mouth, which includes the eating habits we follow on the regular basis. There are some tips to imbibe in daily eating routine. When you eat your food, the environment should be friendly and relaxed and you should be focused on what and how you are eating. You should chew each mouthful of food neatly before swallowing to support smooth digestion. Chewing your food properly and breaking it into smaller piece is mandatory for better digestive health as it is considered as a first and crucial phase of digestion. Smaller particles easily travel down the oesophagus.


  • Drink Sufficient Water: Keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water every day as water plays an important role in digestion. As a matter of fact, water digests solid food and absorbs nutrients properly. If you do not provide the digestive system with appropriate amount of water, then it can lead to dehydration and causes decreased blood pressure level. This situation ultimately leads to constipation. How we drink water also creates respective effects on the digestive health. For this purpose, drinking water in between meals is recommended rather than with meals as it dilutes the stomach acids that are important for optimal digestion.


  • Eat Plenty of Fiber: The right amount of fiber is tend to reduce cholesterol level in the blood, in turn it enhances normal bowel functions. Fibers also prevent constipation and offer a feeling of fullness without adding to the total calories of your daily diet plan. There are two types of fibers and both of them are helpful for healthy diet. First is Soluble Fiber, which gets mixed with water to create a gel-like consistency. It slows the digestion process and help body absorb more nutrients and remove harmful substances like cholesterol. It includes, oats, nuts, legumes, fruits, peas, vegetables etc. On the other hand, insoluble fiber does not mix with water but eventually adds bulk to the stool and help pass food through the digestive tract. It helps prevent constipation and colon problems. These kinds of fibers are inclusive of dried plum, skins of fruits, whole grain and some vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower etc.


  • Daily Exercise: Daily minimum 30 mins of exercise is beneficial for digestive health. You can walk, jog or choose to do aerobics. Cardio and weight-bearing exercises are also beneficial for healthy digestion. It has been observed that the small lifestyle changes can help you take one step further towards the fit and health well-being. You can choose stairs instead of elevators, small walks during lunch time, grocery shopping, etc. will help you achieve healthy life.


  • Manage Stress Level: Stress has direct effect on the digestive track. It can slow down or speed up the passage of food through the digestive system, which in turn can cause abdominal pain or diarrhea. When you are in stressful condition, due to hectic lifestyle, busy schedules demanding workloads etc., there may be a less secretion of digestive enzymes, which leads to unhealthy digestive health.

You keep calm try yoga or meditation on a regular basis. These activities can make your mind fresh and will keep stress aside. Doing your favourite activities such as dancing, singing, drawing, and much more can make you feel happy and can help relief stress.


As a matter of fact, keeping yourself healthy and choosing natural therapies will help support dietary health. You need to pay attention to your body. Do not just eat for the fulfillment of the stomach. Think how this food is going to affect your gut and then eat the food of your choice. Sometime we feel low in energy, then wake up, move your body and take some food supplements that are high on energy.

Each Nutritional Food, Try Herbal Supplements and Support Digestive Health!

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