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Functions of the Skin

Human skin, the largest organ of the body with seven layers of tissues, underlying muscles, ligaments, bones, and internal organs plays a very crucial role in the immunity system. It safeguards the body from excessive water loss and protects against pathogens. It also helps regulate insulation, sensation, body temperature via sweat, synthesis of vitamin D. It consists of small blood vessels, oil, nerve endings, hair follicle, and sweat glands.

Flawless and radiant skin gives confidence from housewives, working women to men and gives them a new reason to love, care and to look ageless.

Factor Affecting Skin Health

Every individual craves for healthy skin but there are some lifestyle habits and environmental issues that break the balance of the healthy skin and make it look lifeless. Here are some reasons that cause skin problems. Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking leads to sagging, fine lines and uneven skin tone. Improper intake of nutrition food and lack of exercise in daily routine make your skin look dull. The most common and important reason is stress and an emotional factor which will reduce charm from your skin and will leave it to look unhealthy. Even the environment plays an influential role in affecting skin health as the polluted climate and excessive sun exposure can give your skin an unpleasant look and can harm its health in a very brutal manner.

Natural Way of Skin Care

Nowadays people choose to cover their boils and acne with suitable cream and perfumed foundation, which may contain destructive chemicals and can showcase an adverse effect on the skin. To avoid such problems, prefer herbal products like face cream, soap, capsules, tonics, face pack, etc. that contain pure herbs like Aloe vera, Chandan, Neem, Saffron, Amla, Turmeric, Shalmali,  Anantmool, etc. to lend your skin a healthy tone, texture, and smoothness.

Keeping your body hydrated, eating food that has the right combination of proteins, vitamin-rich vegetables, and wholesome crabs will work simultaneously for the betterment of your skin health.

Choose a Natural Way of Skin Care to Look Ageless and Stay Beautiful.


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