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Memory as a Fundamental Component of Life

Memory is something that deals with every moment of human’s life, even if it is not being actively used sometimes. It helps every individual to remember the skills that have been learned previously, recaptures information that is stored in the brain, recalls precious past moments. It organizes and stores every minute information to help you perform daily activities in an accurate manner.

There are mainly two types of memory recalls that affects human life.

  • Implicit – It is a kind of memory when you learn things without really thinking about it. For eg, breathing
  • Explicit – It appears when you consciously recall specific events and things. For eg, searching for your keys you have kept last time, recalling any specific detail like someone’s birthday or any occasion.

All types of memories are important to make every individual function properly and live life with ease.

Factors that Affect Memory Health

In today’s busy lifestyle, everyone suffers from regular mental blocks or memory slips. It is difficult to handle as it disturbs your communication, thinking and working patterns. If it crosses the threshold level then it can cause continuous headache, confusion, loss of memory, boredom, poor attention or forgetfulness. It showcases issues like loss of achievement, low self-confidence, avoiding people, and irritation.

Factors like a thyroid problem, incomplete sleep, menopause, anxiety, depression, smoking, unhealthy diet, drugs, stress and vitamin deficiency can call for harmful memory problems, which in turn will break the monotony of healthy lifestyle.

Home Remedies for Memory Care

Adding some activities like regular intake of water, yoga, meditation, regular exercise, consumption of fruits, veggies, dry fruits, whole-grain cereal, etc. can help you restore memory problems without any hassle. Following a healthy diet provide essential nutrients to the brain and also removes toxins for the betterment of your brain and memory.

Herbal Supplements for Healthy Memory

Apart from the home remedies, these are various herbal supplements that are traditionally processed to offer favorable effects on memory problems. Herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Gotukola, Shankhpushpi, etc. will strengthen the nerves of the brain, help restore memory effectively, improve cognitive brain function and calm the nervous system.

Keep Memory Healthy and Live Life Effortlessly.

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