Liver Support

Liver Support

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Liver is an essential organ that plays an important role in detoxification. It is responsible for performing various functions such as protein synthesis, glycogen synthesis and production of biochemicals that are necessary for digestion. The role liver plays in fat metabolism is very vital as it breaks down the fat into energy and helps our body function properly. Thus, to support liver health, Herbal Hills has developed Live-First tablets and Livohills shots. With the presence of ancient herbs, these liver care supplements help in proper functioning. Also to support liver health, we have Moringa powder, Daruhaldi powder etc.

Try these 100% pure liver care supplements to support healthy living!

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Liver Diseases and Medical Conditions

Liver disease causes illness and harmful effects on the body when it stops functioning properly. The liver is responsible for the very crucial functions of the body. Thus, its improper mechanism can cause significant damage to the body. Some problems like a Liver failure, fatty liver, hepatitis C, Jaundice, alcoholic liver disease, gallstone, Wilson’s disease, cyst, cholestasis, Pancreatitis occur due to the illness of a liver.


When the liver suffers from any disability, it depicts some signs to help you treat it urgently. Few of them are like the appearance of yellow skin and eyes, dark coloration of the urine, abdominal pain and swelling, itchy skin, chronic fatigues, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. Do not ignore these symptoms and seek immediate medical attention for the betterment of your liver.

Reasons for Unhealthy Liver

Liver disease can be inherited or can be caused by various factors such as an infection like Hepatitis A, B and C, abnormal immune system, heavy alcohol use, getting injected using shared needles, body piercing, exposure to unhealthy blood, unprotected sex, diabetes, obesity, exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins etc.

Natural Way to Support Healthy Liver

You can follow some prevention to maintain the health of your liver. Avoid over drinking of alcohol, and risky behaviors like unprotected sex, shared needles used to inject drugs, etc. to support a healthy liver. If your body is sensitive to any infection, then take vaccines as an early precaution. Take great care when spraying insecticides, fungicides, paint and other toxic chemicals and maintain a healthy weight. Take help of healthy food like grapefruit, beet, carrot, leafy green vegetables, apple, etc for added benefits.

An alternative and traditional way to support a healthy liver are to use herbal supplements. These supplements are conventionally processed to maintain their safety standards and efficacy. The purest form of herbs like Daruhaldi, Dudhi, Guduchi, Shigru, Triphala, etc will help you recover the health of a liver without much effort.

Choose Natural Ways to Support Healthy Liver.

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