Gout care

Gout care

Gout is a common yet complex type of arthritis that causes sudden joint inflammation, severe attacks of pain that occurs usually in a single joint. It is most commonly affect the big toe. Gout has the unique characteristic of being one of the most periodically recorded medical illnesses throughout history. An attack of gout can occur suddenly and becomes so intolerable that you often wake up in the middle of the night with the fire sensation in the big toe. Thus, treating this gout is a measure concern.

Causes of Gout

The Uric acid is the main reason for the occurrence of Gout pain. Generally, uric acid dissolves in your blood and passes into the urine through the kidney. But in some cases, either the kidneys excrete very less uric acid or the body produces a large amount of uric acid. In this condition of high uric acid level, the body creates sharp urate crystals that get accumulated in a joint or surrounding the tissue, which in turn cause pain, swelling and inflammation.

Signs of Gout

The symptoms and signs of gout mostly occur suddenly, often lead to intolerable pain. Intense joint pain at the big toe and sometimes in the ankles, knees, elbows, wrist and fingers will help you recognise the presence of Gout arthritis. Redness, lingering discomfort and limited range of motion are some added symptoms for its prediction.

Risk Factors

Every individual is more likely to develop Gout if there is secretion of high amount of uric acid. Some factors like diet, medical conditions, family history of Gout, age and sex, any surgery or trauma can lead to the production of more uric acid in the body.

Guidelines to Cure Gout using Traditional Remedies

Following activities like drinking sufficient amount of water, limiting the intake of alcohol, preferring low-fat dairy products, taking care of the intake of meat, fish and poultry, and maintaining the body weight may provide protection against gout attacks even in the future.

Apart from making these changes in the lifestyle, you can also choose herbal supplement for the betterment of Gout attacks. Herbs like Guduchi, Vasa, Haridra, Triphala, Sunthee, Suddha Guggul will help the suppression of high amount of uric acid production. These herbs are free from any hazardous substances to highest safety standards.

Follow Healthy Habits and Take Advantages of Herbal Supplements for Easy Cure of Gout Pain.

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