Bone Health

Bone Health

Bones are the most important part of human body as they offer sturdy frame to your body. Bones protect various vital organs and even the central nervous system. They give us freedom of moving our body freely and are responsible for producing blood cells.  If our bones stop working properly, then our body will collapse and will not be able to process and function. Thus, taking good care of bone health is necessary in this busy lifestyle.

Reasons Behind Bone Pain

Bone loss is a major problem among adults and it may occur due to menopause, calcium deficiency, lack of exercise and smoking, inflammatory bowel disease etc. Any injury and mineral deficiencies can affect bone health. Few diseases like sickle cell anemia disturbs the blood supply to bones and tend to make bone unhealthy.

Various Bone Problems

Bone pain includes back pain, low bone density, osteoporosis, brittle bones, bone infection, heritable disorders of connective tissues, osteonecrosis, shoulder pain, spinal stenosis, sports injuries, unsuccessful joint replacement surgery, knee problems, tendinitis etc. These problems if not treated on time, they can cause major health issues.

Maintenance of Bone Health

Bone density at early age is very high but as we grow older, our body loses bone density very rapidly. Hence, taking proper care of your bones are very important to slow down the rate of bone loss. Eat calcium-rich foods like yogurt, milk, cheese etc. get the right amount of nutrient and Vitamin D to your body. Perform regular exercise and limit the intake of caffeine and alcohol to keep bones healthy for a longer time. Quit smoking to observe added benefits.

Along with healthy habits take herbal supplements to slow down the effect of bone lose. Powders like Asthishrunkala, Dashmoola, sunthee and herbal capsule called Calcihills will help you repair the bone health without creating any side effects as it is made from purest form of herbs. Each ingredient of these herbal supplements is free from destructive chemicals, colours and other radiant substances to uplift its safety standards.

Try Herbal Supplements to Recover Bone Health in a Traditional Way.


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