Why do we say Blood is our Lifeline?

Why do we say Blood is our Lifeline?

Blood is our lifeline

How Blood is Important for Healthy Living?

Blood is indeed the life force of the body, but it can get polluted or contaminated during our duration of life. It may be because of our lifestyle, eating junk foods, lack of exercise, lack of water etc. which hinders blood circulation, in which the toxicity in the blood is thrown out. So, you need to recognize what are the causes of blood toxicity and try to take measured in bringing back purity in the blood.

You can often hear doctor’s saying, ‘Your Blood is Impure, and you need to cleanse your Blood!’  This is the most common prescription for you if you’re suffering from few minor to major health issues like, Ance, Pimples, Headache due to Constipation, and Digestive Problems due to Increased Stomach Acid in the body etc. Some of you may also be suppressed due to urging for vomiting.

Here we could try by taking some simple steps like daily exercise which can bring circulation in the body that can lead to blood circulation & ultimately increasing the heart rate and pump blood through the body recharging the oxygen in the cells. You can also do Swimming, Stretching, Walking or Yoga this way you can de-stress and keep the blood active. All these activities can help cleanse the blood that helps your kidneys, liver, lungs, skin, and intestine to eliminate more toxins and clear blood.

In addition to the exercise, you can including blood purifying foods to your diet like carrot, garlic, leafy vegetables, Lemons, Beetroot, flax seeds, apple etc. which help to eliminate toxins from the blood through the urine. This can be much disturbing for daily life activity, where technology has evolved the fastest mode of communication and easy lifestyle. In being more precise people are yet evident for using a natural herbal supplement.

Why Natural Herbal Supplement is Required?

Natural herbal supplements like Neem, Manjishtha, Sariva, Triphala has Detoxification & Blood Purification properties. They are easily absorbed in the bloodstream and work well to support overall detoxification, cleanses toxins from the body by working with the liver and lymph system thus promoting blood purification. As these herbs are natural they are having no side effects.

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