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Why Pain in knee is Common in Women? WOMEN KNEE VS MEN KNEE

pain in knee
pain in knee

Women Knee are Different from Men Knee

According to the research, in Indian females, the average age for the onset of knee problems is 50 years, in Indian males, it is 60 years. The reasons for early onset in females include obesity, poor nutrition, and deficiency of vitamin D. One more important thing to be noticed is that Women Knees are different from Men Knees. Pain in knee problem in India are increasing day by day.

There are main 3 factors: – 

  1. Structure – Women have increased joint and ligament mobility compared to men. And, this elasticity of the joints allows more movement and therefore greater risk for developing joint pain.
  2. Hormones – Female hormones play a vital role in joint pain. When these hormones decreases, cartilages cushioning also decreases.
  3. Obesity – According to the research, women are more prone for obesity and eventually it tends to pressure the joints

Do you know Sports Women are at high risk of ACL Injury- the Major Ligament of Knee.

We all know that women have become more active in sports and making their nation proud on them. But, the survey says, ACL tear is one of the most common sports injuries. ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) is one of the major ligaments in your knee Both men and women get ACL tears, but previous research has found that ACL injuries are much more common in female athletes. Other research also says that women suffer ACL tears up to nine times more than men.

Natural remedy for Pain in knee

On the basis of this statistic, we can say that women are more prone to knee pain than men. In this case, opting for Natural Remedy for pain in knee is the great pick! 5000 year old Ayurveda has answers for knee pain problems. It has suggested various herbs that improve knee health such as Methi, Nirgundi, Asthishrunkala. Ayurveda has also suggests that Cow Ghee acts like a super-food for Knee & Joint Pain relief But, finding pure A2 cow and adding it in knee pain medicine was the hurdle for all the companies.

Herbalhills – Only Manufacturer with Own A2 cow ghee farm

But not any more! HerbalHills has come up with the novel Ayurvedic Cow Ghee Formulation called as Arthrohills! Herbalhills is the only manufacturer in India, who has its own diary farm. In this farm, we have more than 200 Gir Cow Breed, which is one of the best cow breed in India. With the help of these cow, our dairy farm produces pure & supreme quality A2 Desi Cow ghee, which is then used in the preparation of Arthrohills Formula

Arthrohills – Novel research formulation for Pain in Knee

Arthrohills is an Ayurvedic formulation of medicated cow ghee & joint care herbs. We have used Nirgundi, which has anti-inflammatory property and it helps in reducing swelling. Methi helps in reducing swelling occurs with Arthritis. Sunthee is beneficial to reduce joint and knee pain occurs after injury. Shallaki may helps in reducing excessive wear and tear of joints. Maharasnadi is knwon to work best for muscle pain. The main ingredient A2 Cow offers muscle relaxation and will also helps to ease unusual inflammation, which eventually ease the pain. It also lubricates joints and reduce stiffness. HerbalHills aslo has Arthrohills oil – joint pain relief oil, which also has various joint care herbs. Combination of capsules with a genltle massage of joint pain relief oil is suugested to be beneficial

Availablilty of Arthrohills for retail / wholesale & private labeling

These eminent doctors are suggesting to use Arthorhills formula to improve pain in knee & joint health. Along with all the Women, even men can take advantage of this novel products!

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