Why Isha Agro Developers is the Best Private Labelling Service Provider?

Why Isha Agro Developers is the Best Private Labelling Service Provider?

Third Party Manufacturing

Welcome to Herbal Hills

I am Dhiren Dalal, director of the company, Isha Agro Developers PVT LTD. Today, I will be talking about the Private Label division of Isha Agro Developers and why we have started this special division. As all of you know that this company has been established in the year 2005. The first product line, which we have started is Green Food Supplements and then we continue to produce Herbal Shots, Medicated Cow Ghee Formulation, Single Herbal Supplements, Herbal Tea/ Coffee, Herbal Juice, etc. And in the year 2020, we have more than 300 herbal products and 9 product categories. Mostly, the success of the company belongs to the private label division. 

Firstly we have started with our own brand, i.e. Herbal Hills. But later, when we were getting a lot of inquiries from renowned doctors, clinics, and a lot of MLM and Direct Marketing companies for their own branding.

User Friendly & Best Quality Ayurvedic & Nutrition Supplements

Everyone was asking for good quality Ayurvedic and Nutritious supplements. And Isha Agro Developers is best to provide the best quality novel products. Our R& D team was always keen in developing quality products that are user friendly and can be given on a regular basis. We have launched Herbal Shots, Herbal Tea & Coffee for user’s convenience. Our main goal is to manufacture the user-friendly and nutritious supplements. According to the research, almost 99 people amongst 100 are healthy. And to keep this is the mind we have prepared health supplements that healthy people can consume on a regular basis. Some healthy people also face some issues like inkling to gain weight or about to reach a higher level of blood sugar. So we target such healthy people to keep them fit and to help their immunity. Nationally people call Ayurvedic Medicine while Internationally people recognize it as Ayurvedic supplements. These supplements help to slow the process of any disease or health problem. Herbal hills is one of the best herbal product manufacturer in gujarat


Third party Manufacturing

Best Private Label Service at Isha Agro Developers

The demand for these products and private label service is increasing day by day. Today, we are dealing with more than 30 Direct Marketing companies. We have a special Private Labelling Division at Isha Agro Developers. We have an experienced Label designing team that works on your demand to create the most trending and suitable label for your own brand. We do not charge a single penny for preparing customized labels. Additionally, we provide great packaging deals. For Eg: We offer various types and sizes of bottles and pouches. We also provide different label materials according to your needs. We also help in getting the Government certifications for products, which we are providing under your own name. If some Direct marketing company wants to combine some products in a kit form, then we also support that. Moreover, if you want to change some formulation and make it customised, then our R&D team helps in doing the same. 

For the convenience of the Doctors, Health practitioners, Clinics, MLM, and Direct Marketing companies, we have designed some Private Label Service Providing websites with classified products. 

  1. Ayurvedic Product Manufacturers – Here we have details about 100% natural and pure Ayurvedic supplements
  2. Organic Product ManufacturersHere we have listed Organic products such as a wide range of Green Food Supplements.
  3. Herbal Product Manufacturers – We have provided a vast range of herbal supplements that are available for private labelling.
  4. Cosmetic Products – Here we are providing a natural range of Ayurvedic Cosmetics that you can sell under your own brand name.  

So, with this separate Private Labelling Division, my company is growing Day by Day!

Be a part of a leading team.

Contact Us today to get the best Private Labelling Deal!!!

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