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One of the Best and Reasonable Green Food Supplements Companies in India is a Great Pick for Private Labeling and Contract Manufacturing!

If you are looking for the trusted and acclaimed organic product manufacturer in India, then Herbal Hills has the answers for all your requirements. Herbal Hills, a contract manufacturing company of organic wheatgrass tablets and a wide range of green food supplements. The plethora of green food supplements is inclusive of Alfalfa, Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Dudhi, Barley Grass, etc. These products are manufactured in one of the trustable green food supplements companies, such as Herbal Hills to maintain the purity and optimum quality of the products.

You can contact us through the contact us form to know more about these wheatgrass tablets. For private labeling facility and contract manufacturers, here we are providing the necessary information and qualities of wheatgrass tablets.

What are the Major Functionalities of Leading Green Food Supplements Companies?

  • Own Organic Land

Herbal Hills, one of the best Ayurvedic manufacturing companies in India owns an organic land in the Sahyadri mountains. Additionally, with pollution-less aura and chemical free land, this place creates a suitable environment for the traditional cultivation methods. Moreover, these classic methods of cultivation enrich the herbs and hold back the optimum nutrients to improve the quality.

  • Top-Notched Manufacturing Unit

Along with the traditional cultivation methods, these green food supplements companies focus on the modern and progressive technologies to maintain optimum safety. Moreover, with desirable machines, this one of the trusted ayurvedic manufacturing companies in India maintains the premium quality of wheatgrass tablets and other products.

wheatgrass powder & Tablets

  • Eminent Research Team

This organic product manufacturer owns an experienced and acclaimed research team, which works immensely to come up with a unique concept. Additionally, these novel concepts of these green food supplements companies create a great name in the organic market and work in favor of all human beings. And Wheatgrass tablets are one such novel concept!

  • Government Sanctioned Certifications

For any Ayurvedic manufacturing companies in India, holding a Government approved certifications are the must to maintain the quality of the products. Additionally, these certificates and licenses become the trademark of the purity and efficacy of the wheatgrass tablets. Moreover, It earns the satisfaction of customers, private labeling companies and contract manufacturers.

Wheatgrass Tablets: Novel Formation of Herbal Hills for Ease in Consumption

  • Herbal Hills is a pioneer of herbal, organic and Ayurvedic supplements to give this world a new definition of healthy living. Additionally, to maintain this inaugural name, these green food supplements companies own herbal land in the range of Sahyadri mountains. By providing the pollution-less environment and organic land, Herbal Hills cultivates one of the purest and natural young wheatgrass, which is a great, base of wheatgrass tablets.
  • To take this novel concept until the next level, this Ayurvedic manufacturing company in India, it follows strict and progressive technologies.

wheatgrass powder & Tablets

Modern and Progressive way of Wheatgrass Tablets Preparation Method

  • Along with fresh wheatgrass powder, this organic product manufacturer adds some raw materials to improve its overall quality. However, main raw materials are magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide etc.
  • Additionally, these QC passed ingredients are sent to the production department.
  • The raw material is passed through 80 mesh sieve and then mixed uniformly in a mass mixer.
  • Moreover, prepare a thick and smooth paste of these raw ingredients.
  • Furthermore, prepare the granules and dry them in a tray drier.
  • To assure the optimum quality of wheatgrass tablets, this of one the trusted green food supplements companies send a sample to the QC department.
  • After approval from the Quality control ( LOD of dried granules NMT 3%), size the dried granules using sifter and multi mill using suitable sieves.
  • Furthermore, we lubricate the granules and mix them in the mass mixer for 15 mins.
  • Compress the granules to form wheatgrass tablets, under standard specification.
  • Send a sample to QC dept.
The in-process controls are as follows-

          -Weight variation



          -Disintegration time


          -The weight of 20 Tablets

  • After approval from the QC dept., the film coat the uncoated tablets and send a sample to QC dept again.
  • Furthermore, after approval from the QC dept., pack the tablets under standard specification. Send a control sample to QC dept. Transfer the packs in quarantine dept. and after approval from QC dept, packs are dispatched.

By following this long procedure, this organic product manufacturer achieves a desirable quality of the wheatgrass tablets.

With all these benefits, contact us and get knowledge about pricing. And also know more about premium quality providing ability of this one of the acclaimed green food supplements companies. Don’t now miss the chance to become a seller of effective wheatgrass tablets. We fulfill all you wish such as labeling designs, manufacturing changes, pricing concession on bulk orders, etc. So grab this opportunity to deal with one of the leading and esteemed organic product manufacturers.

Stay Tuned to know more about our strength and the wide range of herbal & Ayurvedic products we offer with premium quality.

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