What is MLM Business Model and Its Benefits

What is MLM Business Model and Its Benefits

Multi Level Marketing

Views on MLM from the Year 2005 – 2020

I am Dhiren Dalal, Director of the company, Isha Agro Developers. Today I am going to share my views on MLM(Multi Level Marketing) from the year I started the company. I.e 2005 and how it changed as years passed. In 2005, our whole focus was our own brand, Herbal Hills. We were busy doing marketing of Herbal Hills and it was growing throughout India. We were also getting a great response from the customers. 

In 2010, we have started getting a lot of inquiries from MLM companies. They were happy with our product’s quality and were asking to sell these herbal Ayurvedic supplements under their own brand. But personally, I had very less knowledge of this MLM business and at the start, I was not that much passionated about it. But, after some research and inquiries, I thought to go for this MLM business model, and then we have started with 10-20 MLM companies. After stepping into this business, I thought that my company should actually promote this MLM model and I have set the new separate division for Direct Marketing. This team used to work for direct marketing companies and they used to design appropriate labels and used to offer different packaging options to fulfill the company’s requirements. 

MLM- Social-Economic Model

I will tell you about why my thinking process got changed? I felt that this MLM is a Socio-Economic Model. In this model, the benefit of manufacturing the product to the actual consumption gets divided into the networkers. It not used to get waste in digital and offline newspaper advertisements. One product used to offer benefits to 4-5 people at one time. So I thought that this is the best model for a country like India. And today to deal with more than 300 MLM/ Direct Marketing companies



Herbal Hills Offers Recurring MLM Business Model 

There are a lot of networkers work for us and they also deal with other companies such as Garments, Electronics, Accessories, etc. They are brilliant in their selling skills. But what I have observed that dealing with these other products used to give them one time sell. For eg. one networker sold one mixture in his network. Now the consumer will not buy the mixture next month, incoming 2 months, an incoming year or so. The consumer may buy it after 2-3 years. Whereas in the Herbal Hills, the networker can put the same efforts of launching the products and selling to different customers. But, one big difference is that this will be a Recurring Business/ Sell. 

For eg. if the networker sold one Green Food Supplement to the consumer. That consumer has 5 people in his family. So everyone can consume it as it is a great supplement for healthy people. The quality of our product is so good that the consumer will surely get the best results. So this consumer will purchase these green food supplements from the networkers for so many years. So this is like, you have to invest in one time and experience the benefits lifetime. 

Deal in Daily Supplements + Health Related Supplements 

Herbal Hills has a great range of herbal Ayurvedic supplements such as Green Food supplements, Men’s health supplements, personal care range, etc. These supplements can be consumed by all the healthy people. According to the research, there are almost 90 people amongst 100 are healthy. So we have a great range to offer for them. So our networkers can get a recurring business with these daily herbal supplements. 

On the other hand, we also have a great range of herbal supplements that deals with various health problems. For eg, Joint Care, High Blood Sugar, Weight Management, Bone Health, Kidney Care, etc. We have more than 300 herbal ayurvedic supplements. Internationally, people call it to supplement, whereas, in India, they are known as Ayurvedic medicines

So with this dual model, our networkers can earn a great benefit, which is recurring for a lifetime. 

Growth in the Direct Marketing Division of Herbal Hills 

Post corona, the situation will be very different. There will be no way apart from giving priority to your immune system. People have already started making efforts to improve their immune health with the help of Ayurveda. So in the future, the demand for there herbal Immunity boosting demand will reach a maximum. Keeping this situation in the mind, we have decided to increase the strength of our Direct Marketing Team. This MLM business is going to flourish in the future and every networker will get a chance to earn maximum profit. 

So I am looking forward to growing my company in this MLM business and help everyone along with me to earn amazing benefits. 

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