Try Herbal Coffee from Inventive Manufacturer to Imbibe Healthy Habits!

Try Herbal Coffee from Inventive Manufacturer to Imbibe Healthy Habits!

Herbal Coffee

Almost everyone loves to start their day with a cup of refreshing coffee. Coffee has a potency to rewind the stress and soothe the nerves to make you feel cheerful. What if this coffee can bring various health benefits while maintaining the stimulating quality? Yes! You heard it right! There is a renowned and trusted Herbal products manufacturer in India, who is always keen to produce innovative herbal supplements to offer healthy living. Herbal Coffee is one such unique health tonic in Ayurveda, which is available in different flavours.

The best thing about this bunch of herbal coffee is that it is free from added Sugar, Caffeine and another Synthetic additive to maintain its Ayurvedic values. Additionally, all these coffees are made from the Chicory root, which is a great substitute for Caffeine. However, the rich flavour of chicory is easy on the digestive system and non-acidic in nature for added benefits. Moreover, these herbal coffees depict various health benefits with a wide range of authentic herbs.

What are the Different Types of Herbal Coffee Available in an Eminent Herbal Products Manufacturer?

1. Ashwagandha Herbal Coffee: Stress Relieve Formula 

health tonic in Ayurveda

  • Herbal Ashwagandha coffee is a pure blend of herbal root extract of Ashwagandha, Brahmi powder, and Kasni root powder.
  • Additionally, this effective health tonic in Ayurveda may possess various medicinal properties to promote healthy living.
  • However, these properties may include Antioxidant, Rejuvenating, Stress relieving, Electrolyte balancing etc.
  • This health tonic in Ayurveda may help to relieve stress and calm the mind.
  • Moreover, the Rejuvenative property may enhance the energy and promote women’s health.
  • Furthermore, the electrolyte balancing property of Kasni root may support in digestion.

2. Brahmi Herbal Coffee: Herbal Brain Tonic

  • This herbal brain tonic is made from the combination of root extract of Kasni, Brahmi powder, and Shankhpushpi Powder.
  • Additionally, this herbal brain tonic may possess a strong medicinal property such as antioxidant to fight the oxidative stress.
  • Moreover, it may depict cognitively, stress relieving etc properties to support healthy brain functioning.
  • This herbal brain tonic may nourish the nerve cells and support the nervous system.
  • It also manages the stress, keeps the mind cool and helps in improving the concentration.

herbal tonic for weight loss

3. Garcinia Herbal Coffee: Herbal Tonic for Weight Loss

  • This herbal tonic for weight loss is an Ayurvedic combination of pure herbal root extract of Kasni, Garcinia extract, and Triphala extract.
  • Additionally, the herbal tonic for weight loss may exert cleansing and lipid-lowering properties to maintain the healthy weight.
  • Triphala extract may possess metabolic, digestive and antioxidant properties to support healthy digestion.
  • This herbal tonic for weight loss may help in lowering the high lipid level and thus maintains the healthy weight.
  • With an electrolyte balancing property of Kasni root extract may help to remove toxins from the body.

4. Shatavari Herbal Coffee: Female Health Tonic

  • Herbal Shatavari coffee is an Ayurvedic blend of root extract of Kasni, Shatavari root extract and Triphala Extract.
  • It may possess Rejuvenativem Reproductive Adaptogenic, Immunity boosting, Electrolyte balancing etc. properties.
  • This female health tonic may support the healthy functioning of the female reproductive system.
  • It may help in maintaining the hormonal balance.
  • Whereas the rejuvenating property and multivitamins may help in improving the immunity.

Where to Get Effective Health Tonic in Ayurveda?

  • Herbal Hills is one of the leading and trusted herbal products manufacturers, which is engaged in producing a healthy substitute for normal coffee.
  • Moreover, Herbal Hills combines the health benefits of herbs with the goodness of aroma and taste to offer a healthy way of living.
  • You can order the herbal coffee of your choice by using our online website.
  • Additionally, Herbal Hills also provide various herbal supplements on a bulk basis to offer added benefits.

Why only Herbal Hills for Effective Health Tonic in Ayurveda? Herbal products manufacturer

  • Herbal Hills follows a traditional way of cultivation by using the own land in the Sahyadri mountains.
  • However, this pure land offers the chemical free and most suitable environment to maintain the purity and efficacy of the herbal supplements.
  • Herbal Hills source various herbs from the facility, which follows classic ways of cultivation and assure authenticity and purity.
  • It also uses the top-notched and progressive technologies to reach up to the international quality standards.
  • Furthermore, it works under the facility that holds ISO certification for optimum safety.


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