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Understand The Relation between Summer & Migraine

A summer migraine is basically a series of a severe headache that triggers during environmental condition. Migraine patient must take care of these events around in order to avoid a migraine attack. For few people it last for a long and have to be watchful as well as find ways to escape migraines attacks. Few may have at the certain age, especially the adults. A summer migraine is more common in women in comparison to men.

Mainly environment in summer turns into hot and humid near sea shores creating trouble for migraines patients. Dehydration is one the reason in summers that may trigger a migraine. Even harsh sunstroke can cause a severe headache. An eventful time where you are buried stress will attract a migraine. Or even if you are in a crowded area under the sun is more accessible to migraine attacks. Uneasy environmental change or change in schedule calls for a headache.

Most often for an immediate solution for a headache, one ends up having common headache medicine. Instead, the person dealing with migraines can heal condition naturally. We habitually fail to remember that our India’s valuable Ayurveda herb medicines are not only effective but have no side effects. Instead, we end up choosing allopathy medicines for quick results over natural power packed medicine. After research and development, HerbalHills has come up with natural medicine names Migrahills to heal a Migraine attack.

Migrahills is a blend of Ayurvedic herbs like Godanti Bhasma which is considered to have analgesic properties, thus helping to control headaches. Dashamoola is considered to have anti-inflammatory properties which again help to relieve pain. Sajjikshar is considered to have antacid properties. Hyperacidity may sometimes cause a migraine. Brahmi is known as nootropic herb i.e. it is considered to increase the functioning of the brain & help reduce the anxiety caused due to stress The consumption of 2 tablets daily with warm water may help to reduce a migraine attack and also tame duration or durability of a migraine.


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