Barley Grass: Nutrient-Rich Superfood to Promote Newer and Healthier Way of Living

Barley Grass: Nutrient-Rich Superfood to Promote Newer and Healthier Way of Living

barley grass

Add Barley Grass in Daily Regime to Achieve a Healthy Way of Living!

Barley grass is a soft young shoot and was first time used in the 7000 BC. When this grass is young, it has all the capabilities to absorb the required nutrient from the soil. Historically, it was not only used as a food but also it was considered to be beneficial for treating health issues such as liver problems, blood issues, GI disorders, and skin infections. The nutritional dense formula makes it a most effective green food supplement, which can be included in the daily diet to make your life healthier.

What is the Nutritional Fact of Barley Grass?

barley grass

What are Important Benefits of Organic Barley Grass?

Powerful Anti-oxidant

  • Along with Beta-carotene and Vitamin E, pure and organic Barley grass is the most potent supplier of superoxide dismutase enzyme.
  • This enzyme helps neutralize the effect of free radicals during the energy metabolism process.
  • It also prevents the development of a wide range of diseases caused by oxidative stress.

Healthy Detoxification

  • With a cleansing property, Barley grass is efficient in eliminating harmful heavy metals from the body.
  • The heavy metals may include a lead that is the main reason for causing behavior and learning disorders.
  • Moreover, Zinc, Selenium, and Copper contribute a major part in the act of detoxification.
  • Furthermore, an excessive amount of Beta-carotene and Chlorophyll stimulate the removal of waste material such as crystallized acid and mucus.
  • Barley grass strengthens and detoxifies Liver.

Immune System Enhancement

  • With a help of Vitamin C and Copper, this organic Barley grass superfood boosts the overall immune system.
  • It also prevents infection such as a common cough and cold.
  • This pure organic Barley grass also fights off fatigue and stress.
  • The regular intake of Barley grass can balance the optimum production of immune cells in the body.

UV Radiation Protection

  • Pure and organic Barley grass superfood protects the skin cells against the destructing effects of UV radiation.
  • It also exerts a beneficial effect on the existing damaged cells, owing to the presence of superoxide dismutase enzyme.
  • Furthermore, it acts defensively against the radioactivity and improves the resistance power of the body.
  • Additionally, it encourages the production of new blood cells.
  • As a result, the pre and post use of Barley grass is beneficial when exposing to the harmful x-rays.


  • According to the researchers, Organic Barley grass superfood is the most effective food when it comes to self-healing as it has a power to repair DNA.
  • DNA damage occurs due to pregnancy, medical drugs, low immunity, food additives etc. This romote healthy living.
  • The chlorophyll present in the organic Barley grass improves the blood cell level.
  • It also prevents the proliferation of toxic cells.

With these fruitful and favorable benefits, Barley Grass can become an important member in the routine diet to promote a new way of healthy living.

Why Herbal Hills for Barley Grass?

  • Herbal Hills has its own cultivating farm and manufactures products with highly advanced technologies for purity and security of the products.
  • Herbal Hills Organic Barley grass is cultured in the pristine environment and harvested on the 8th
  • Washes this Barley grass with UV treated water and then dries on the green net.
  • Furthermore, makes the powder using a Pulverizer and sifts through an 80-mesh sieve.
  • After checking the quality parameters, Herbal Hills packs the powder with safety and accuracy to eliminate any errors.
  • It also has required a government approved licenses, which include FASSAI, USDA, VOCA, NPOP etc.
  • Herbal Hills offers Barley grass in a Powder and Tablets form to make it convenient for customers to consume it daily.

Add Organic Barley Grass in Your Daily Regime and Welcome Newer and Healthier You Naturally!!!


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