How Joint Pain & Arthritis is Connected? | Knee Pain Treatment at Home

How Joint Pain & Arthritis is Connected? | Knee Pain Treatment at Home
knee pain treatment at home

Most commonly there are 2 types of arthritis | Looking for Knee Pain Treatment at Home?

When we talk about the joint pain, the main type of pain most of the people are suffering from is “Arthritis”.  Arthritis is the swelling and tenderness of one or more of your joints. People are looking for knee pain treatment at home. The main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain and stiffness. Most commonly there are 2 types of arthritis. 

  • 1st is Osteoarthritis – where wear & tear of cartilage between 2 joints occur. It results in friction between bones, which causes pain. It is known worsen with the age
  • 2nd is Rheumatoid arthritis – in which the immune system attacks the joints, resulting in swelling & inflammation

How Arthritis affect Normal Lifestyle?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, arthritis, and other rheumatic conditions are recognized as one of the leading cause of disability because it limits your daily activities. Some of the daily activities like walking, climbing stairs, holding various through a day are very common for a healthy human being. But for the person suffering from arthritis, it becomes challenging. They may loss the ability to reach to daily household things like a simple glass of water, cause their bone loses the grip. It can create chaos in your daily living, can make you inactive and may left you alone when you family is having fun outdoors. everyone are searching for knee pain treatment at home.

Can Including Ghee in Diet Lead to Relieve in Arthritis Pain?

Don’t lose hopes! Because Ayurveda has answers to reduce this pain and bring back the lost happiness in your life! Ayurveda has suggested the importance of Ghee for Joint pain years back. In some arthritis conditions, our joints loose lubricity and to counter this, Ayurveda suggest the use of ghee. It helps to soothe inflammation, lubricate joints, and banish arthritis stiffness. You can include a 1 spoon of ghee in daily diet to encounter joint problems. Now Imagine, if your joint pain medicine have a presence of Cow Ghee in it. Isn’t it a more effective and unique way to fight the arthritis ? This formula was known to everyone, but there were no company who can formulate such medicine till now! Because finding pure desi cow ghee was the main problem! Nowadays people are searching for knee pain treatment at home 

Novel A2 Cow Ghee Formula By HerbalHills | Knee Pain Treatment at Home

But in the current scenario, HerbalHills is the only manufacturer in India with own cow farm in Lonavala, Maharashtra. Herbalhills has more than 200 Gir cow breed in its farm, which is known as one of the best breeds in India. We use this purest form of A2 desi cow ghee for the preparation of Novel Medicine for arthritis and other joint pain. This Ayurvedic cow ghee formula is popular as “Arthrohills”

Arthrohills – A Research formulation with Arthritis Herbs & A2 Deshi Ghee

Arthrohills is a reserch formulations, which contains a herbal blend of Joint care herbs and a Medicated A2 desi cow ghee. One of the herb, Sunthi helps ro reduce inflammation and eventually soothes the pain.  A study published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology in 2016 tested the anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic efficiency of methi. Asthishrunkala has various nutrients to support joint care and to reduce inflammation. The main constituent of Shallaki is Boswellic acid that may help suppress joint inflammation and pain. HerbalHills also have Arthrohills Knee Pain relief oil, which is a herbal blend of Joint care herbs and help for knee pain treatment at home. Gentle massage on the affected area will help in reducing the swelling and pain. 

After knowing the immense benefits, various Ayurvedic doctors have used this product for yeras and now they are sharing thier valuable views with us. Lets take advantage of their experinces

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Trust the doctor’s choice and give Arthrohills a genuine try!

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