Enhance Immunity Effortlessly with Cow Ghee & Amla

Enhance Immunity Effortlessly with Cow Ghee & Amla

immune booster supplementsThe Word “Immunity” has become the talk of the town due to these critical situations and lockdowns. India is not just the country that is facing these issues, Overall world is going through a critical time. Doctors and Police forces are doing their best to serve the nation and to save lives. The experienced teams of Scientists are busy in finding medicine to make the situation better. But somewhat unable to fulfill the requirement. immune booster supplements

It is not only about this time, but tacking with Viruses, Bacteria and other infections is always a big problem. But, why find a solution later!!! Why not Prepare Your Body for it??? Must be thinking about how??

is the only solution we all have!!!

The source of Immune health lies in the roots of Ayurveda, the oldest holistic system of India. The meaning of Ayurveda is to “Make a balance between mind, body, and spirit and to promote Good Health”. Good health always depends on our own Immunity, which is the first defense system of the body. Ayurveda has various herbs that work as immune system medicine or Ayurvedic supplements to boost the immune system. 

Here at Herbal Hills, the trusted manufacturing brand also follows the holistic science of Ayurveda. However, our wide range of 300+ herbal Ayurvedic supplements is based on the nature of Ayurvedic science and findings. 

immune booster supplements

According to Ayurveda, Cow Ghee plays a vital role, when it comes to immune health. Basically, Cow Ghee is loaded with antioxidants that help to improve the immune system by enhancing the body’s ability to absorb all the essential nutrients. When the body absorbs nutrients, there is less chance to fall sick. Keeping this thing in mind, Herbal Hills has come up with one of the best Immune booster supplements by using the A2 cow ghee of our own dairy farm.

Immunohills, one of the effective herbal immune booster supplements believes the benefits of Medicated Cow Ghee and Herbs in improving immunity. These Soft Gel Capsules contain natural immune booster herbs such as Amal, Haridra, Guduchi, Haritaki, Pippali, etc., which are mixed with medicated cow ghee.

 Here are some important benefits of this immune booster supplements

  • These soft capsules may exert immuno-modulatory property, which helps in improving the body’s resistance power. Some of the major herbs possess this property such as Amla, Guduchi, Pippali, Bhuiamlaki.
  • Additionally, Guduchi is also known as potent Rasayana, which helps to increase the effectiveness of white blood cells and thus improves the body’s immune health.
  • Moreover, the rejuvenating & detoxifying properties of these natural immune boosters may repair & may strengthen the body’s tissue to fight various health ailments.
  • Furthermore, with anti-oxidant properties, these capsules help our body to absorb essential nutrients.

immune booster supplements

According to studies and Ayurvedic findings, Amla is a natural source that can be used as a natural immune booster. It has a great amount of Vitamin C that makes it an integral part of immune booster supplements. So let’s see How Vitamin C plays a great role in Immune Health.

  • Research has come up with the fact that Vitamin C is essential for growth & repair of the tissues, which is a basic strength of Immunity. It also helps to heal wounds and plays a vital role in bone healing.
  • Being Antioxidant, Vitamin C of Amla may help to fight free radicals that help to prevent various diseases.
  • Additionally, it may help in promoting healthy aging.
  • According to science, regular consumption of herbal supplements to boost the immune system may reduce lipid levels.
  • Moreover, according to the Doctors, the Alkaline nature of Amla helps in strengthening the digestive tract and cleansing the system.
  • Amla also helps to flush out the toxins 

All these benefits help in maintaining the overall Immune Health.

So indulge in the habits of adding Medicated Cow Ghee & Vitamin C in your daily routine in the form of natural immune booster to live Healthy Lifestyle.

Along with these Herbal Supplements, Stay Home and Maintain Social Distancing to Support our Nation.

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