Want a Healthy Heart? Add Arjuna Powder as a Herbal Supplement in Your Daily Regime

Want a Healthy Heart? Add Arjuna Powder as a Herbal Supplement in Your Daily Regime

Arjuna Powder

Heart attack!!! This one word can change your world and to avoid this dispute you need to change your habits. In this 21st century; our planet is witnessing millions of cardiovascular problems in which the death rate of people is very high and disturbing for the nation. If you feel that you are spared by this killer disease owing to your young age or the gender, then you are mistaken as this problem does not discriminate between young or old, women or men. Despite these worries, you can reduce the risk of heart attack by adding a herbal supplement such as Arjuna powder to your daily diet as it is known to be a medicinal plant for heart disease.

What is Arjuna Herb?

Arjuna: It is botanically called as Terminalia Arjuna and is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. The bark of this tree has been used from centuries to treat cardiovascular problems.

Nutrient Value: It contains Arjunic acid, calcium, copper, flavonoids, gallic acid, magnesium, tannins etc.

Medicinal Properties: The bark of this plant is considered to have cardio-protective, analgesic, adjuvant, cardiac toner, Hypo-lipidemic, Blood-thinning properties etc. to help relief from cardiac discomfort.

With these nutrients and beneficial properties, Arjuna tree is suggested to be a great supplement for the betterment of cardiovascular problems.

What are the Benefits of Arjuna Herb?

Arjuna is showing promising success in decreasing the endurance of heart disease. The strength and pumping action of the cardiac muscle are improved by the usage of Arjuna supplement on daily basis. It is also observed that it decreases the LDL lipid level and makes your heart function normally. It temporarily dilates the coronary arteries so that the heart receives more oxygen and blood helping it function easily. Due to the use of Arjuna, heart movement is normalized, blood clots are dissolved and softening of the blood vessels is achieved.

The combined research studies have suggested that there is about 30% reduction in the occurrence of heart disease after consumption of Arjuna supplement on a daily or prescribed basis.

Apart from being a great support for a healthy heart, Arjuna powder plays a various beneficial role. Those are as follows:

  • Hemorrhoid: The Arjuna bark is very useful in treating bleeding hemorrhoid
  • Fractures: The paste of bark promotes early healing
  • Body odor: Arjuna flower helps remove body odor with ease
  • Black spot: The blend of Arjuna bark and Manjishtha roots help reduce skin blemishes
  • Teeth cleaning: Arjuna twig is great for teeth cleaning
  • High blood pressure: It lowers blood lipid owing to the anti-lipidemic property

With a fruitful knowledge about Arjuna powder, you can make it an important part of a daily regime to take a step ahead towards the advancement of a healthy heart.

Go Natural, Try  Arjuna powder Herbal Supplement and Live a Healthy Life!


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