Ayurvedic Medicine in 21st Century: Prospects and Challenges for Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers & Doctors

Ayurvedic Medicine in 21st Century: Prospects and Challenges for Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers & Doctors

Ayurveda is trending in 21st century, Particularly After Pandemic

After the Pandemic, People realize the importance of Good Health and physical fitness and also found that Ayurveda is a good natural health solutions for everyone. People also understood very well that good health menace good immunity. Ayurveda, the Ancient science of life, mainly focuses on immunity on the body. Most of the Ayurvedic medicine works for various health issue and simultaneously Work on developing immunity for that health problem. This special immunity development concept made Ayurveda popular and also increased the big prospects for Ayurveda.
According to the survey, Ayurveda with more than 10,000 herbs and various Ayurvedic formulation has a big future in 21 st   century.


Challenge for Ayurvedic Doctors to Choose Suitable Ayurvedic Medicine

In Common, main challenge for Ayurvedic doctors is to provide fastest results for various health problems.
Even they needed to provide more palatable and user-friendly form of Ayurvedic medicines. Modern Ayurvedic medicine needs to be in capsule or tablet for, or even needed to mask the pungent herbal medicinal smell. These Ayurvedic medicines even needed to make Ayurvedic kadha taste better, instead of just a bitter in taste. In today’s modern world, fancy modern clinics is need of hours to attract young generation.

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As well as, selection of appropriate Ayurvedic medicine is a big challenge as there are more than 10,000 herbs available in the Ayurvedic texts and more than 25,000 Ayurvedic manufactures and various ayurvedic formulation available.
For better results, finding a good Quality Ayurvedic manufacture with authentic quality and efficiency of ayurvedic medicine is the must! opt for the Ayurvedic products with good packaging and longer self-life

So Now, Ayurvedic doctors has to solve or manage health problems of patients coming to them for consultations! Suitable Ayurvedic Medicine is the Solution!

ayurvedic supplements

Challenge for Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers to Provide Best Quality & Reasonable Ayurvedic Medicine

Demand for Ayurveda has increased as there is lot of demand from international market like USA, UK and Europe. Prime minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi has a special love for Ayurveda. Ayush DEPT of alternative natural medicine is getting stronger and popular.
During pandemic, lot of suggestions came from Ayush for Ayurvedic herbs and Ayurvedic kadha formulation for strengthening immunity. But, due to heavy demand prices of herbs have increased from 50 % to 100%.

Now Ayurvedic Products Manufactures have to provide the best quality Ayurvedic products and that too in the reasonable price!! This has become the big challenge!!!
Many new players are entering into the Ayurvedic Products Manufacturing Industry and Same is happening for the Allopathy Pharma field. So now, completion has increased to manifolds!
All ayurvedic has to come out with Novel ayurvedic products with some special USP’s to fulfill the requirement of today’s modern generation. They have to provide wonderful attractive packaging, with Palatable and users friendly Ayurvedic products.
There is a great benefit of end consumers and even for the doctors. Due to heavy competition, all Ayurvedic products manufactures have to upgrade their quality standards of production. And now, for optimum safety and to maintain the superior quality, all certifications such as GMP, ISO, USDA, etc. have become very important.

Herbalhills Renowned Ayurvedic Company Fights all Challenges

Herbalhills, one of the trusted and renowned Ayurvedic Company is established in 2005. Due to the introduction of various Novel Ayurvedic Products with the help of our experienced R&D team, it had grown very fast. And now Herbal Hills has become one of the Best Ayurvedic brand in India and even in the international market.
Herbal Hills Company had studied the market and understood its potential growth. Its specialty is that it it had put all money from day one to introduce novel products to the modern world.

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Green Food Supplements – First Unqiue Product Introduction

Ayurvedic doctors has various Ayurvedic formulations and ayurvedic medicines for prescription, but green food supplements was missing in the list.
HerbalHiils, one of the trusted and leading Ayurvedic company has bought land for organic green food supplements and become the first Ayurvedic company to introduce full green food supplements Line. It is inclusive of wheatgrass powder and tablets, barley grass, Alfalfa, 7 super green mixture Tablets etc
Many Ayurvedic doctors praise Herbalhills for green hills tables & Vegiie hills tablet which is a unique combination that is made of 7 super green food and 7 super veggies respectively. These 2 Unique Products amongst Green Food Supplements is specially designed to fulfill the daily need of nutrients. And thus got so popular in the market.

green food supplement
gir cow ghee

A-2 Indian Breed Gir Cow Ghee Formulation – Sidha Grutha Formula

We all know the important of Deshi cow ghee and now a days it is called as A-2 cow ghee for maintaining good health and have physical fitness. Ayurveda always wanted the most famous Cow ghee medicine but big challenge was that there was no company in India, who was able to do so. And the main reason behind it is, no company has their own cow farm, especially of A-2 cows. Additionally, Ayurvedic Desi Formulation has great results and thus, all the ayurvedic doctors wants this formulation for prescriptions for various nervous system related and many other health issues. 

Keeping this need of desi cow ghee formulation, Herbal Hills worked with its R&D team and come up with 8 novel A2 cow ghee formulations in soft gelatin capsule form. Herbal Hills is the only one manufacturers, who has its own Gir Cow farm. Using this, we can produce 100% pure A2 cow ghee and can used it in Ayurvedic formulation to offer good health.
Ayurvedic medicine joint pain medicine – Arthrohills
Ayurvedic medicine for skin care – Glowhills
Ayurvedic Medicine for brain health – Smurtihills
Ayurvedic medicine for immunity – Immunohills
Ayurvedic medicine for stress – Calmhills
Ayurvedic Medicine for eye Health– Occuhills
Ayurvedic medicine for men’s health – Vitomanhills
Ayurvedic medicine for women’s health – Femohills
Ayurvedic doctors are really happy with cow ghee formulation as it is giving miraculous results to their patients.

Introduction of Ayurvedic Kadha as Herbal Shots

According to Ayurvedic doctors, Ayurvedic Kadha is a very good for faster results because it is a liquid herbal extract. Being in a liquid for, you are able to provide 5-10 gm dose to the patient for better results.
Now come the big challenge for ayurvedic doctors!!! The Taste of Ayurvedic Kadha!!! As we all know that Ayurvedic Kadha has a very bad taste! Owing to the taste, people with health problems consume it as they want get cure but rest of the healthy people are not ready to consume it as a preventive measure.
And so, HerbalHills’ R&D team came out with most latest Herbal Shots Product line with 12 unique herbal shots with nice taste, almost for all health indication. We have added natural flavours to improve its overall taste. Here, the novel concept it to provide Health with Taste!!!

Herbal Shots

Introduction of Lifestyle Products – Herbal Tea Tablets

For today’s younger generation, Herbal Tea is in higher demand, owing to its immense health benefits. Owing to the increasing demand of healthy lifestyle products, Ayurvedic doctor is providing Novel Ayurvedic tea tablets as Ayurvedic Medicine in Lifestyle medicine/ product packing.
Herbalhills’ R&D team had work really hard to incorporate taste in Ayurvedic tea tables and made it very user-friendly! Making this Herbal Ayurvedic Tea is very easy!!! Just take hot water in a cup, put one ayurvedic tea tablet, stir well and enjoy a fresh sip of your herbal tea!!
HerbalHills, has introduced this unique Herbal Tea concept for top three indication such as Trimohills Tea Tablets for Weight Management, Diabohills Tea Tablets for Blood Sugar Management and Kofhills Tea Tablets for common cough & cold.
With the Introduction of Herbal Tea, Now ayurvedic doctor has lifestyle medicine for Today’s Generation!

lifestyle medicine

Novel Products is the On-Going Process for Ayurvedic Company to Face Challenges

Herbalhills’, one of the trusted and leading manufacturers is constantly working with R&D team to introduce novel lifestyle products regularly!
Keeping today’s pandemic conditions in the picture and knowing the need of Immunity supplement, Herbal Hills has introduced 2 new products –
1. Turmeric Latte (Turmeric Milk) – It is a combination of various immunity improving herbs including turmeric
2. Himalaya Berry Sea Buckthorn Juice – Pure sea buckthorn juice is available in natural blueberry flavor for added taste.

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