Ayurvedic Medicine for Cough and Cold – Contract Manufacturing Opportunity

Ayurvedic Medicine for Cough and Cold – Contract Manufacturing Opportunity

Ayurvedic Medicines For cough & cold

In the world of heavy pollution, allergens, dirty air, hectic lifestyle, and allergic environment, cold and cough are the most common problems a normal human being can suffer from.  A runny nose, sore through, continuous sneezing, etc. can make you feel lethargic and can lead to loss of concentration from the work. According to the research, most of the people choose to consume medicines, which can showcases effects in a few minutes, but it can harm your body with steroids. They can depict some side effects such as drowsy feeling, chest congestion etc.

So what can be the best option than Ayurvedic medicine cough, which is novel, pure and still shows fast effects? Isha Agro Developers has come up with unique concept o “Herbal Tea Tablets”. Kofhills Tea Tablets are one of the effective Ayurvedic Medicine For cough & cold.

Now get a chance to sign a deal with Isha Agro Developers and grab the opportunity of successful and influential Third Party Private Labeling”.

Know the insights of Unique Herbal Tea Tablets for Cough and Cold and then sell them “Under Your Own Brand Name” to gain a renowned name in the market.

The Novel Concept of Herbal Tea Tablets: Great Opportunity for Contract Manufacturing with Isha Agro Developers

  • Kofhills Tea Tablets from one of the trusted Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer is specially designed by the eminent R&D team to relief common cough & cold naturally.
  • These herbal tea tablets for cough and cold are the combination of Kali Miri, Dalchini, Lavang, Jaiphal, Elaichi, Sunthee, Badi Elaichi fruit, Yashtimadhu, and Lemongrass.
  • This Ayurvedic product manufacturer uses these herbs from the ancient era as medicine for cold and cough.
  • However, combining these herbs is impossible for a normal human being. And so, Isha Agro Developers has produced these unique & palatable tea tablets.

Ayurvedic Medicines For cough & cold

Why Herbal Tea Tablets are the Best Choice for Contract Manufacturing?

The main USP of these herbal tea tablets is its ingredients and the way they melt to prepare instant herbal tea. If you sold these tea tablets under your brand name, then you have a great opportunity to convince people to buy them, using their high herbal content and novel concept.

And so, let’s see, how each ingredient makes these tea tablets for cough and cold beneficial.

Kali Miri (Black Pepper):

  • Kal miri (Black Pepper) may stimulate the circulation and mucus flow and thus help to get rid of mucus easily.
  • Additionally, this effective herb from Ayurvedic medicine for cold can prevent the formation of a cough.

Dalchini (Cinnamon)

  • With powerful medicinal properties and nutrients, this cinnamon may help to reduce a chronic cough cold, and sinuses.

Lavang (Clove)

  • Clove contains a phenolic compound such as gallic acid and eugenol and also exerts anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Additionally, with these beneficial nutrients, clove may relieve a sore throat and persistence cough problems

Jaiphal (Nutmeg)

  • With essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties, this effective herb of Ayurvedic medicine for cold and cough may increase the blood circulation.
  • Additionally, it also may help to increase the resistance powder and thus called as an herbal immunity enhancer.
  • Moreover, it is very beneficial for babies.

Elaichi (Cardamom)

  • Cardamon may help to increase the blood circulation within the lungs.
  • However, this process may relieve breathing problems like asthma, common cold, and cough.

Sunthee (Ginger)

  • This beneficial herb of Ayurvedic tea contains essential oils, antioxidants, and oleoresins.
  • However, the oleoresin has an antitussive ability, which may help to relieve or suppress the coughing
  • Additionally, these medicinal properties may help to soothe the sore through.


  • This immunity enhancer may help to soothe a sore throat and can cure sough and few respiratory disorders.
  • Additionally, it may work positively on hoarseness of voice.


  • This authentic herb from medicine for cold and cough may help to reduce the coughing and soothe the throat.
  • Additionally, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this lemongrass may reduce the problems of common cough and cold.

What are the USP’s of Isha Agro Developers as Trusted Contract Manufacturer?

  1. Own Herbal Land

Isha Agro Developers owns herbal land in the Sahyadri mountains to assure the premium purity of each herb. And so, these tea tablets are chemical free and natural.

  1. High-Tech Manufacturing Unit

This Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer has its own manufacturing unit, which uses modern technology and top-notched machines to improve the quality of each product.

  1. Novel Concepts for High Market Value

Isha Agro Developers is the only company in India, which sells unique herbal tablets for cough and cold. We also have tea tables for healthy weight and sugar management. Dealing will Isha Agro Developers and Contract Manufacturer will assure you great success.

  1. R&D Team for Customized Formulation

If you want to create your own formulation, then own experienced R&D team will help you to achieve the best unique product, which you can sell under your own brand name.

  1. Customized Labeling System

This Ayurvedic product manufacturer has the own designing team, which will help you get your labeling design done with perfection.

  1. Convenient Shipping Policies

You don’t need to have your own warehouse to store the products. We will deliver the final product directly from the company to your desired location.

Grab the Opportunity of Contract Manufacturing of Novel Herbal Tea Tablets to Become a Renowned and Well-Known Seller in the Market!

Don’t Miss the Opportunity!


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