Ayurvedic doctors are Rocking During Pandemic Golden Era Begins!

Ayurvedic doctors are Rocking During Pandemic Golden Era Begins!

Yoga & Ayurveda is everywhere in all Commercial Media

Ayurvedic herbs and their health benefits are commercially advertising on TV, FM radio, or in print media, especially during this pandemic.
Now, everyone understands the meaning of immunity and the importance of Ayurvedic herbs as an Immunity booster. There are various herbs like Turmeric, Giloy, Neem, etc. to improve immunity in natural ways.
Thus, the Modern generation is shifting towards the healthy culture of Yoga & Ayurveda!
Yoga helps in offering the right balance to your lifestyle, while Ayurveda helps in strengthening the Immunity!

Yoga & Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Clinic enters New Era!

A new era for Ayurveda & eventually for the Ayurvedic clinic has begun! This pandemic condition, though everyone the importance of Ayurvedic lifestyle! Now people started having Ayurvedic doctors as their family doctors. Thus, Ayurvedic clinics, MD Ayurvedic doctors, and ayurvedic consultants are in high demand. Ayurveda has answers for almost all kinds of health problems and is based on the principle of adding mental & physical stability to everyone’s life!

In this era, even many ayurvedic chikitsalaya Kendra and Nisarg upchar Kendra had refurbished their ayurvedic clinic with modern furniture and facilities to provide the optimum benefits to the customers.

Ayurvedic Clinic

On the other side, many Ayurvedic doctors and ayurvedic consultants had increased their consulting charges, after knowing the increasing demand for Ayurveda in today’s modern lifestyle.

ayurvedic medicine for immunity

Ayurveda – The Ancient Science of Immunity

During the pandemic, all the doctors, health consultants, and even the scientist put across the fact that Immunity is the key to healthy living! Thus, now people understood the importance of immunity mostly post-pandemic, and even understood that Ayurvedic alternative medicine is one of the best solutions!

In India, the Ayush government alternative health dept had done a lot of promotion through TV, Radio, and even newspaper print media about Ayurveda for immunity and importance of ayurvedic herbs for immunity boosting.

Ayurveda is 5000 years old ancient science of life, mainly focusing on the self-immunity and preventive health care measures, and is now appreciated by the modern generation.

Ayurvedic supplements

Young Generation’s Approach for Ayurvedic Supplements

In India, young generations have started following the culture of yoga and Ayurveda as their lifestyle dietary supplements, especially after the whole chaotic situation of the Pandemic.

The younger generation always appreciates the natural ways to improve healthy living and Ayurvedic supplements come with a promise of no or minimal side-effects. Thus, it becomes the daily choice for this millennial generation.

With a high and emerging demand of Ayurvedic supplements, Ayurvedic doctors also took full advantage of this new trend of alternative medicine. Some of them have refurbished their own ayurvedic clinic or ayurvedic panch karma Centers to offer the maximum benefits to their upcoming and to younger generation patients.

Even the young doctors have started their own brands of Ayurvedic medicine and run their own online ayurvedic store for added benefits due to high demand.

New Product Launch by HerbalHills – Trusted Ayurvedic Company in India

After knowing the increasing demand for Ayurvedic Immunity Boosters, it was a good opportunity for Ayurvedic product manufacturers and many Ayurvedic companies like HerbalHills to introduce immunity-boosting products. Some of the most targeted products are turmeric latte, Sea buckthorn juice, Koffhills, Tulsi drops, etc. These products are an Ayurvedic formulation of immunity-boosting herbs that are chosen on the basis of Ayurvedic texts.

Herbalhills introduces the full range especially for ayurvedic doctors, which is inclusive of Ayurvedic powder in bulk packaging, ayurvedic single herbal supplements in a bulk jar, even all ayurvedic formulation in bulk packaging.

Ayurvedic Company

Hhwholesaleclub offers wholesale ayurvedic Products to Ayurvedic Doctor – www.hhwholesaleclub.com

Ayurvedic doctors want good quality bulk packing for their dispensing clinic. To keen this need in the mind, Herbalhiils provides a value pack range of powder, capsules, and tables, which are value-for-money products.
Herbalhills also introduced the concept of HHwholesale club, especially for all the Ayurvedic doctors, health practitioners, or ayurvedic clinic. Here they can become a member of hhwholesale club and can buy all 400 products of Herbalhills at wholesale price.

Visit the store now!

Wholesale Ayurvedic Product

Herbalhills Products for Private Labels or Contract Manufacturing – www.herbalhills.in

Many ayurvedic doctors wanted the desired ayurvedic medicine in their own brand, which they would like to dispense from their own clinic.
And so, Herbalhills introduced one separate division only for their private label customers. In the division, we take care of product licensing, product packing, and labeling.
The best thing we offer is a small batch quantity in private label or customer’s brand. Thus, it offers less investment for Ayurvedic clinic, ayurvedic Panchkarma Center, or ayurvedic chikitsa Kendra to start their own business.
Enquire here for more information!

Along with Private Label, Direct Selling, and Wholesale Division, HerbalHills has its own Online Retail Shop. Here any end consumer can purchase any product among a wide range of 350+ products. They can also opt for the latest Ayurvedic Immunity booster launched by the HerbalHills!
Buy Now : www.herbalhillsprime.com
All our products are even available in the global market. We export to more than 30 countries including USA, UK, Russia, etc.
Visit: www.herbalhillsglobal.com

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