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Try Ayurvedic Churna for Digestion by Herbal Products Manufacturer in India

Ayurvedic churna for digestion

Healthy digestion is a key to a healthier lifestyle! But, maintaining a good gut flora is not that easy, owing to the hectic lifestyle we live. With a busy life, demanding and deadliest work deadlines and tiring household chaos, eating healthy vegetables and fruits are not possible for every single person. However, grabbing junk food becomes a favorable choice for people who live an engaged lifestyle. Thus, to avoid such problems and to maintain a digestive health, then try Ayurvedic churna for digestion, which is available with the herbal products manufacturers in India.

What are the Causes and Adverse Effects of Digestive Issues?

digestive health supplement             digestive health supplement

To fight various gastric problems and to maintain a digestive health, try digestive health supplements from one of the trusted Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers.

What are the beneficial digestive health supplements, which may help in improving digestive health naturally?


English Name: Chebulic myrobalan                                              Botanical Name: Terminalia chebula

Nutritional Value of Haritaki: – This digestive health supplement may contain Chebuilinic acid, Oleic acid, Lionelic acid, Quinic acid, Stearic acid etc. This Ayurvedic churna for digestion also contain Tannic acid, Vitamin C, Tannins, Ursolic acid etc.

Medicinal Properties of Haritaki:- The haritaki from Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers exerts numerous medicinal properties. These properties may contain Adaptogenic, Aperitive, Alterant etc. Additionally, this Ayurvedic churna for digestion may possess a strong digestive and carminative properties to support digestive health in a traditional way.

How Haritaki Exerts Health Benefits to Promote Digestive Health?

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  • According to the research and scientific studies (, Haritaki may be useful in maintaining a regular bowel movement.
  • It also acts as a laxative, which may help in tonifying the colon.
  • Additionally, this digestive health supplement may clear away the compacted waste and thus helps in preventing constipation.
  • With a regular intake, this Ayurvedic churna for digestion may help in regulating the bowel movement.
  • Moreover, this digestive health supplement from one of the well-known herbal products manufacturers in India may reduce the excessive stomach acidity.
  • Additionally, it may help in preventing the painful peptic and gastric ulcers.
  • Furthermore, with Antioxidant polyphenols such as Gallic acid and Ellagic acid, this Ayurvedic churna for Digestion may reduce the risk of ulcer creation.
  • It also helps in promoting the natural detoxification to remove destructive toxins out of the body.


Triphala is an Ayurvedic combination of three herbs named as Amla, Baheda, and Harde. It also acts as one of the most effective digestive health supplements, owing to the nutritional values and beneficial properties.

Nutrients Present in the Triphala

Triphala consists of numerous nutrients, which may include Linoleic acid, Polyphenols, Tannins, Vitamin C etc. Additionally, this Ayurvedic churna for digestion may contain Vitamin A, B, Gallic acid, Chebulinic acid etc. to promote healthy living.

Medicinal Properties of Triphala

This Ayurvedic churna for digestion may depict Laxative, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, etc. properties. It also possesses a strong digestive property to help maintain a digestive health. Additionally, this digestive health supplement may exert Stomachic, Detoxicant, Adaptogenic etc. properties to support a healthy way of living.

Health Benefits of Triphala (One of the best digestive health supplements)

  • Triphala is a powerful Ayurvedic and fruit combination in Ayurveda and it also promotes healthy living.
  • Additionally, this herbal acts as a natural laxative and helps in cleansing and clearing the bowel to reduce the risk of constipation.
  • Moreover, this digestive health supplement for herbal products manufactures in India may support regular detoxification.
  • This Ayurvedic churna for digestion considered to remove toxins from the body and thus supports a digestive health.
  • It also helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism process to make digestion of food happen regularly and smoothly.
  • As a result, this digestive health supplement may contribute to promoting an overall well-being.

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With all the favorable benefits, these digestive health supplements are suitable to support healthy gut flora.

Why Choose Ayurvedic Churna for Digestion from Herbal Hills? herbal products manufacturers in India

  • Herbal Hills is considered to be one of the leading herbal products manufacturers in India, owing to the natural products they offer.
  • Additionally, to focus on the traditional cultivation methods, it uses the own land, which is situated in the Sahyadri mountains.
  • This Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer also targets the top-notched and progressive technologies for herbal products preparation.
  • Be it any herbal supplement, Herbal Hills maintains an optimum purity and efficacy to gain the distributors and customer’s confidence.
  • All the herbal supplements are safe to consume, owing to the destructive chemical free and toxin free nature.
  • Moreover, to maintain the International quality standards, this Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer holds government authorized licenses.
  • We also offer bulk products to distributors for added benefits and advantages.

Grab these digestive health supplements from the herbal products manufacturers in India to improve digestive health.

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