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Herbal Hills Men’s Health Syrup Manufacturer | Ayurvedic Stamina Enhancer | Health Tonic for Men | Ayurvedic Men’s Health Syrup

Maintaining men’s health is always challenge, owing to the hectic schedules, never-ending deadlines, and stress factor. Thus, to tone down these men’s health problems, Herbalhills offers an Ayurvedic stamina enhancer known as “Vitomanhills” Herbal shots. Additionally, this men’s energy promoter comes in a liquid form for added benefits. However, this health tonic for men bypasses the digestive system and directly enters the bloodstream. Additionally, body gets a fair chance to absorb desirable and effective nutrients from this Ayurvedic men’s health syrup. This whole procedure helps the body to work towards men’s health promotion.

Why Herbal Hills for Ayurvedic Men’s Health Syrup?

To helps reduce men’s health problems and to promote men’s health, Herbal Hills has taken an initiative. Basically, Herbal Hills is a manufacturing and wholesaling brand that deals with herbal supplements such as Health tonic for men. Additionally, it produces 100% chemical free, natural and authentic herbal supplements, owing to the own land in the Sahyadri mountains. Herbal Hills not only focuses on the traditional cultivation but also trust modern and unique technologies for manufacturing herbal supplement. However, with a great combination of classic harvesting methods and progressive techniques, the products gain optimum nutrient value.

Vitomanhills as Ayurvedic Men’s Health Syrup| Ayurvedic Stamina Enhancer | Men’s Energy Promoter | Health Tonic for Men

Vitomanhills, the name itself suggest that it is an Ayurvedic stamina enhancer that may help in enhancing men’s vitality.  This men’s energy promoter is an Ayurvedic formulation of effective herbs such as Arjuna, Amla, Vidarikand, Krounchbeej, Ashwagandha. Additionally, these herbs collective exert aphrodisiac, rejuvenating, energizing, immuno-stimulant & revitalizing property. With all these health benefits, this health tonic for men is a great option to include in the daily diet to promote men’s health.

Packaging Option: Along With A Single Pack, Pack Of 2, 4, 5 And Pack Of 10 Is Available.

  • Ayurvedic Men’s Health Syrup Vitomanhills has aphrodisiac, revitalising & energizing properties of Ashwagandha, Krounchbeej may support strength, vitality and stamina.
  • The immuno-stimulant & antioxidant property of Amla & Guduchi may help as a Immune support.
  • Krounchbeej contains L-Dopa which may help testosterone management.
  • May support healthy urinary tract functions.
  • May support healthy prostate functions
Each 15 ml dose of Vitomanhills Syrup contains

(Terminalia arjuna)
(Emblica officinalis)
(Pueraria tuberosa)
(Mucuna pruriens)
(Withania somnifera)

Take 15ml shots twice daily – before breakfast & before dinner.


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