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Femohills Kit – Ayurvedic Medicine for Female Disorders | Supplement for Women’s Health

Due to busy schedule and lifestyle, women’s are getting captured with different illnesses. Thus, to cure from these diseases Herbal Hills present the “Femohills kit”. Femohills kit is one of the best ayurvedic medicine for women health. Herbal Hills, the leading and renowned women kit manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in India. The uniqueness of Herbalhills has it’s owns land in Sahyadri Mountains. Additionally, it focuses on the top-notched modern technologies to assure the premium quality medicine for women. Moreover, to raise the quality bar up to 100% and to achieve customer’s satisfaction, Herbalhills holds government approved certifications and license like ISO, HALAL and GMP. Thus, trusting Herbal Hills for ayurvedic medicine for women is just a great idea.

Best Natural and Ayurvedic Supplement for Women’s Health in All Stages of Their Life

Herbal Hills offer gentle, natural, effective alternatives for healthy feminine balance. We believe that, Natural herbal products are better when it comes to women’s health medicine. Moreover, Femohills Kit is a pure natural ayurvedic medicine for women health issues like an irregular menstrual cycle, lower back pain or hormonal imbalances. Having a powerful medicinal quality, it uses as uterine tonic and galactagogue for nursing mothers.

This special Herbal kit for Women’s Health includes Ayurvedic Ghee Formulation. Women Kit contains Femohills 30 Soft Capsules + 2 Single Herb Supplements (Shatavaihills 60 Capsules + Methihills 60 capsules).

Femohills is an ayurvedic formulation of Shatavari, Ashoka, Lodhra, Kumari, Dashamool, Yashtimadhu, Dashmoola, Mudgaparnee, Mashparnee, Cow Ghee which has uterine health, analgesic, anti-inflammatory & rejuvenating properties.

Shatavaihills is an ayurvedic formulation of 100mg pure powder of Shatavari roots and 250mg pure Shatavari roots extract, contains active levels of Saponins which has adaptogenic, galactagogue, rejuvenative, aphrodisiac & antioxidant properties.

Methihills is an ayurvedic formulation of 250mg pure powder of Methi seeds and 250mg pure Methi seeds extract, contains active levels of Saponins & Bitters which has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antidiabetic, galactagogue properties.

Women’s Health Kit for Speedy, Effective & Complete Result.

Packaging Option: Along With A Single Pack, Pack Of 2, 4, 5 And Pack Of 10 Is Available.



  • Women’s Health  support femohills kit has the uterine & rejuvenative properties of ingredients in Femohills capsules may help to regulate the menstrual cycle and maintains menstrual flow
  • The adaptogenic, galactogogue, rejuvenative, aphrodisiac & antioxidant properties of Shatavarihills capsules may help to nourish & strengthen the female reproductive system.
  • The analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties of  Methihills capsules may reduce inflammation of the uterus & joints/
  • All the herbs in Femohills Kit provide healthy hormonal balance.
  • All the properties of products in Femohills Kit helps in giving speedy, effective and complete result in Women’s health.

Femohills Kit Contains

Femohills – Women’s Health Herbal Formulation
Contains Powerful Ingredients
Shatavari, Ashoka, Lodhra, Kumari, Dashmool

Shatavarihills – Supportive Single Herb
Contains Ingredients
Shatavari root Extract + Shatavari root Powder

Methihills – Supportive Single Herb
Contains Ingredients
Methi seed Extract + Methi seed Powder

Take 2 Femohills soft capsules in the morning with water or milk. It should be taken on empty stomach before meals.
Take 1 capsule each of Shatavarihills & Methihills twice daily after meals or as recommended by the physician.
For better results it should be taken with warm water.


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