Mehandi Powder - Lawsonia Inermis

Mehandi powder
Mehandi powder

Product Description

Herbal Hills is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Wholesaler in India of Ayurvedic product Mehandi powder/henna powder . Mehandi powder is also known as Lawsonia inermis which is synergistcally processed with highly advanced technology at Herbal hills.Our products are made out of best quality and authentic Ayurvedic herbs available in India. Herbal Mehandi powder can be used for local application as a natural hair colorant and conditioner.

Packaging Option: Along with a Single Pack, Pack of 2, 4, 5 and Pack of 10 is Available.

Main Herbs & Properties

Mehandi powder is made from leaves of Lawsonia inermis. It has natural conditioning & coolant properties. It is used as a natural colour. It also has anti-microbial & curative properties

  • The conditioning & coolant properties of herbal Mehandi powder for hair may act as an excellent conditional for hair
  • Mehandi powder herbal also keeps the mind cool.
  • Henna hair may help in maintaining a hair health naturally.
  • Anti-microbial properties of henna powder for hair may help control dandruff and clear the scalp
Each 100gms Powder Contains

Mehandi Powder
(Lawsonia inermis)


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