Diabohills Kit - Healthy Blood Sugar Management

Blood Sugar management Diabohills kit
Blood Sugar management Diabohills kit

Product Description

Control Sugar Level with Naturals of Ayurveda having the Real Power to Rejuvenate Your Body System

High Sugar level can strike anyone, from any walk of life. The number of people suffering from this disease has increased dramatically. Worldwide it afflicts more than 422 million people. High sugar level can occur when the pancreas produces very little or no insulin. It occurs when your blood glucose level is too high. The person having a high sugar level experience fatigue, weight loss, excessive thirst or urination, infections and poor wound healing etc. Extreme high level of sugar always hinders body which slowly weakens the bones and degrades the kidney function of the body. To treat this health issues naturally Herbal Hills has amazingly developed  Diabohills Kit a blend of Natural Ayurvedic supplements that helps regulate high sugar level in the body.

This amazing Diabohills Kit includes Ayurvedic Formulation Diabohills 60 Tablets + 2 single herb supplements Jambuhills 60 Capsule + Karelahills 60 Capsules

Health Blood Sugar Kit for Speedy, Effective & Complete Results.

Packaging Option: Along With A Single Pack, Pack Of 2, 4, 5 And Pack Of 10 Is Available.

  • Healthy Sugar Management Ayurvedic Kit Diabohills Kit has Antilipidemic, Anti-diabetic, Antioxidant & rejuvenating properties of Diabohills tablet may help to control cholesterol levels, improve immunity & support the key organs from high sugar complications
  • Hypoglycemic properties of Jambuhills capsule & Karelahills capsules, may help to regulate carbohydrate metabolism and help maintain normal sugar levels in the blood.
  • All the properties of products in Diabohills Kit may help in giving speedy, effective and complete result in maintaining Healthy Sugar in the body.

Diabohills Kit Contains

Diabohills – Healthy Blood Sugar Herbal Formulation
Contains Powerful Ingredients
Gurmar, Karela, Jambu seeds, Amla, Belpatra, Guduchi

Jambuhills – Supportive Single Herb
Contains Ingredients
Jambu beej Extract + Jambu beej Powder

Karelahills – Supportive Single Herb
Contains Ingredients
Karela Fruit Extract + Karela Fruit Powder

Take 1 each of Diabohills tablet, Jambuhills capsule & Karelahills capsule twice daily preferably before meals or as recommended by the physician.
It should be taken on empty stomach.
For better results it should be taken with warm water.

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