Ayurvedic Formulation for Eye-Care

Eye Care Capsule – Ocuhills Capsule

  • Ayurvedic Eye Care Ocuhills capsule has the antioxidant & rejuvenating properties of Triphala helps in protecting eyes from damage by free radicals.
  • May provide protection to the eyes
  • Detoxifying properties of Triphala detoxifies the digestive tract & improves metabolism which is helpful to eyes.
  • The coolant properties of Cow Ghee helps in cooling the eyes.

Single Herbal Supplements for Eye Care

Amla Products

Amla Benefits

  • Anti-aging properties & Vitamin C  of Ayurvedic Indian gooseberry capsule strengthen heart & is an excellent tonic for skin, hair and eyes.
  • Antioxidant properties of Amla capsule may support healthy digestion, metabolism & elimination.
  • Amla extract assists natural internal cleansing and maintains regularity.
  • May use amla capsules for hair health & eye health.
  • Daily consumption can boost immunity

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Triphala Products

Triphala Benefits

  • The Tridoshic & antioxidant properties of Triphala tablet may help to support overall general health.
  • Triphala for eyes may also help to maintain the healthy digestion & metabolism.
  • The laxative properties benefits as a natural detoxifier and body cleanser.
  • Triphala tablets for constipation may support effectively in relieving mild to moderate constipation.
  • Triphala tablets for weight loss may help in maintaining the normal lipid level.

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