Ayurvedic Formulation

Herbal Ayurvedic Formulations

Herbal Hills has come up with Unique Researched Ayurvedic Formulations that are specially designed to combat various health problems. 

There are 2 Types of Ayurvedic Formulations.

1. Medicated Cow Ghee Formulation

Ayurvedic formulations

 Herbs tend to provide enhanced efficacy when combined with Ghee and provides synergistic effects.
➤ The main properties of Cow Ghee are Yogavahi, Absorption, Bio-enhancer, etc.
➤ Medicines processed in Cow Ghee offer the effect of both the water-soluble active ingredients as well as liquid soluble compounds.
➤ Ghruta itself acts as an excellent carrier or vehicle for the herbs and medicines that it is processed with.

Ayurvedic formulations - Medicated Cow Ghee Formulation Product Range

1. Ayurvedic Joint Care Medicine – Arthrohills

2. Stress Management Medicine – Calmhills

3. Ayurvedic Women’s Health Medicine – Femohills

4. Ayurvedic Skin Care Medicine – Glohills

5. Ayurvedic Immunity Support Medicine – Imunohills

6. Ayurvedic Eye Care Medicine – Ocuhills

7. Ayurvedic Memory Support Medicine – Smrutihills

8. Ayurvedic Men’s Health Medicine – Vitomanhills

2. Herbal Bio-Enhancer Formulation

Ayurvedic formulations
Our Research Team / Doctors have developed Natural Bio-enhancers from leaves, flowers, fruits, herbs, etc.
These bio-enhancers are used in 18 Formulations such as Diabetes Management, Detox Support, Healthy Digestion, Hair Care, Prostate Care, Liver care, Kidney care, Weight Management etc.The benefits of Bio enhancer can be enlisted below
1) Potentiates the effect of each individual ingredient in the product
2) Modifies or removes the harmful side effects, if at all of any

Ayurvedic formulations - Herbal Bio-Enhancer Formulation Product Range

1. Ayurvedic Hemorroidal Medicine Arsohills

2. Ayurvedic Sugar Management Medicine – Diabohills

3. Ayurvedic Migraine Support Medicine Migrahills

4. Ayurvedic Bone Health Medicine Calcihills

5. Ayurvedic Healthy Digestion Medicine – Digeshills

6. Ayurvedic Prostate Care Medicine – Proscarehills

7. Ayurvedic Gout Care Medicine – Gautyhills

8. Ayurvedic Men’s Health Medicine – Revivehills

9. Ayurvedic Heart Care Medicine – Chologuardhills

10. Ayurvedic Blood Purifier Medicine – Hemohills

11. Ayurvedic Kidney Care Medicine – Stonhills

12. Ayurvedic Fibroid Medicine – Dekarsinohills

13. Ayurvedic Hair Care Medicine – Keshohills

14. Ayurvedic Weight Management Medicine – Trimohills

15. Ayurvedic Detox Support Medicine – Detoxhills

16. Ayurvedic Liver Support Medicine – Liv-First

Herbal Ayurvedic Formulation Products


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