Ayurveda 2022

In the Pandemic period, our R&D team has done a lot of research

They have come up with 30- 40 new products in top-selling health categories.
Daily-Fitness (1)
Joint-Care (2) (2)
Women's-Health (1)
Men's-Health (1)
Sugar-Management_01 (1)
Healthy-Digestion-&-Detoxification (1) (2)
Hair-Care (1)
Immunity-Support (2) (1)
Cough-&-Cold (1)

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Ayurveda 2022 - Revolutionary Ayurvedic Business Model

Ayurveda 2022 brings new hope to all businesses after a long wave of Pandemic. During this difficult period, Herbal Hills, the leading Ayurvedic Manufacturers in India has gone through various research on the future of Ayurveda.
After immense research, our R&D team has come up with 30-40 novel Ayurvedic products that make Ayurveda 2022 the Best Business Model of the year.
In this revolutionary era of Ayurveda ,the leading Ayurvedic Product Manufacturers in India has come up with Effervescent Tablets, which have become the new trendsetter in this Ayurvedic Business.
All these amazing products are available for Private Labelling / Contract Manufacturing

Why Choose Herbal Hills as Leading Ayurvedic Third party manufacturer in India?

Here are the Reasons

 State-of-Art Manufacturing Unit: HerbalHills is one of the best Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers in India, Which has its well-equipped & modern manufacturing unit in Sahyadri Mountain, the place near Lonavala, Maharashtra.

 Own Land & Cow Farm: We are the only Ayurvedic product manufacturers in India to have our own dairy farm to produce pre-quality A2 cow ghee, which is used in our Unique formulations for manufacturing herbal products. We, the trusted ayurvedic herbal company also own organic land in the Sahyadri mountains.

✓ Experienced R&D Team: Our skilled and experienced technical R&D team is always keen on developing unique & superior quality Herbal Products for your brand. Thus, considered as one of the trusted ayurvedic herbal company in India. 

 Contract Manufacturing/ Private Labelling: Herbal Hills – Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers in India provides third-party contract manufacturing services for the last 15 years and has a global presence in more than 30 countries. Thus, it is famous as one of the leading Herbal Product Manufacturers in Mumbai as well as on International Level.  

 Quality of Products: We, the leading Herbal Product Manufacturers in India provide Additives free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, and also paraben-free Ayurvedic Products.

 Wide Range of Ayurvedic Products: Herbal Hills has more than 350 Ayurvedic products that come in various forms such as Powders, Syrup, Capsule, Tablets, Balm, etc. Thus, considered as One of the renowned Ayurvedic product manufacturers in India.

Work Process of Our Private Labelling Service

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