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Ayurvedic Product Manufacturer

Herbal Hills is one of the leading and renowned Herbal Product Manufacturer company from the past 15 years. We have  9 Products Categories to make the Ayurvedic products easy to consume and palatable.The wide range of 400 products belongs to 24 Heath Topics. We also provide the Ayurvedic Product Manufacturer Contract Manufacturing facility to create your brand name in the market. To provide the brief knowledge we have various Blogs & Videos. All the 400+ produces are approved with Government Certifications. For more details about the company, please see the Company Corporate Video. Herbal Hills is best Herbal Product Manufacturer Company in India & Exporter of Herbal Ayurvedic Products 

Our Speciality :-

  • Own Manufacturing Unit
  • Own Cultivation Farm
  • In House High – Tech Lab
  • 400+ Certified Ayurvedic Products
  • Private Labeling Facility / Third Party Contract Manufacturing  

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Herbal Product Manufacturer

Product Category for Private Labeling

1. Herbal Supplements

We Offer a Wide Range of Herbal Supplements for Private Labelling/ Third Party Contract Manufacturing
In Herbal Supplements we are mainly having 3 categories:-
1. Green Food Supplement
2. Ayurvedic Powder
3. Ayurvedic Supplement

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2. Ayurvedic Medicine

Herbal Hills is Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer for the last 20 years and we had developed many Ayurvedic Formulations for Various Health Problems
There are 2 Main Categories of Ayurvedic Medicines:-
1. Ayurvedic Formulations
2. Ayurvedic Herbal Shots

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3. Hair & Skin Care

Nowadays, For Hair care and skin care, people want a natural solution and so the Ayurvedic formulations have become most favorable and are in demand.
Thus, Herbal Hills, the trusted Third Party Manufacturing Company has come up with 2 Personal Care Ranges.
1. Hair care
2. Skin care

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4. Daily Health Supplement

Herbal Hills is a leading Third Party Contract Manufacturer of Daily Health Supplements
These supplements are designed for healthy people to support healthy living!
There are 3 main categories
1. Daily Fitness
2. Herbal Tea & Coffee
3. Health Juice

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5.Ayurvedic Kit

Herbal Hills is a trusted Manufacturers of Novel & Result-oriented Ayurvedic Products in India
After the Immense research by our Ayurvedic Doctors, we have come up with the Concept of the Ayurvedic Kit
The idea behind the concept is to provide complete Results to end consumers for any Health Condition

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Herbal Hills Business Division

We are one of the trusted Herbal Product Manufacturers – contract manufacturing companies and offer the best private label products to help you grow your business. Herbal Hills – Best Ayurvedic product manufacturer.

Dietary Supplement Product Line for Private Labelling

Herbal Hills, the top dietary supplements manufacturer have conventionally collected those herbs and manufactured them in more palatable form to offer them as DAILY DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS. It is available in tablets, capsules, Powder, Effervescent Tablets & Syrup forms.

Herbal Hills has its own retail store with 350+ Herbal Ayurvedic supplements to offer the healthy lifestyle everyone is looking for. Herbal Hills is the Best Herbal Product Manufacturer. We have some novel researched products to make healthy living possible without efforts

Herbal Hills is one of the leading MLM Product Manufacturer in India and provides a variety of Ayurvedic products for various health issues. Kindly view the products and services we offer for Multi-Level Marketing companies.

Services Provided By Herbal Hills

Private Labelling

Our Formula + Your Brand Logo = Valuable Product

Herbal Hills is one of the leading Herbal Product Manufacturer – Private Labelling company in India, which export its valuable products in the International market for the past 15 years.

➤ Wide Range of Private Label Products: Based on our experience in the Ayurvedic Manufacturing Industry, Herbal Hills has developed a wide range of Herbal & Ayurvedic Products for Private Labelling.

➤ Own R&D Team: With an experienced R&D Team, we Customise our formulation according to Your Needs.

➤ Authentic Products: We use 100% natural & Authentic herbs to enhance the product’s effectiveness.

➤ Own Label Designing Team: With immense creativity, our Designing team creates Private Labels of Your Brand Name according to the Trend and Customer Demand.

➤ Certification: We register all Private Labelling Products according to Government’s Guidelines.

➤ Quality Check: All the product’s quality is checked at our high-tech testing lab

Herbal Product Manufacturer
Herbal Product Manufacturer

Third-Party Contract Manufacturing | Third Party Ayurvedic Manufacturer

Your Concept + Our Manufacturing = Your Product

Herbal Hills is also known for its Herbal Product Manufacturer Third-Party contract manufacturing service. We deal in a wide variety of trusted Ayurvedic & Herbal Products. 

 Our Valuable clients can modify our formulation or can come up with their unique formulation.

The R&D team works on the pro & cons of the formula & give a cost estimation.

 We maintain strict control over the processes so that we adhere to your timelines.

 Advanced Packaging & Labelling Option is provided to satisfy your needs and to match current business trend.

 All the products we manufacture are natural, organic and have met all the quality parameters set by the clients and the industry.

 Find Products are packed & dispatched to your location